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Help Play 4 Gold Bring Support For Children In Your Community

Support the Play 4 Gold Foundation and make a profound impact on the lives of children in need. Your invaluable assistance enables us to fulfill our mission of aiding families facing hardships. Together, we can make a difference by:

  • Mentoring children in your local area through financial support, school supplies, toys, or any other means of assistance.

  • Donating toy bags and supplies to local children's hospitals or families.

  • Hosting Play 4 Gold parties for families at local venues such as pizza places, movie theaters, or parks.

  • Organizing sporting events in your community to raise funds for families in need.

  • Creating marathons or walkathons in your community to raise awareness and funds for families in need through the Play 4 Gold Foundation.

  • Connecting with professional athletes or sports teams in your community to introduce them to children and families in need.

Charity Work

We appreciate your commitment to join the fight against childhood cancer and other illnesses. It is important to note that only a small portion, 4%, of funds raised for cancer awareness is dedicated to childhood cancer research, leaving families burdened with significant financial and emotional challenges.

Please make a personal promise to support children in any way possible. The Play 4 Gold Foundation provides financial assistance to families and children in need, relieving the financial stress they face during these difficult times. Our foundation collaborates with athletes worldwide, organizing events and raising funds to help families in need while visiting children's hospitals, schools, and homes. Athletes are invited to participate in their communities.


We are excited to have you join us on this journey and thank you in advance for your dedication and service to The Play 4 Gold Foundation. Together, we can show every child that we are all "Fighting 4 A Chance 2 Play".

Helping a Student
Math Tutor
Food Donation Volunteers


To help the foundation, you can sponsor a child in your community by sending financial help or gifts to the child and family in your area, making the donation on behalf of the Play 4 Gold Foundation.


Team up with local schools to help raise awareness and money for children and families in need. Donate school supplies to local schools and help create special events at your local schools.


Contact The Play 4 Gold Foundation for information on how you can volunteer in your community and how to partner with families in your city.



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